Chateau Accueil
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Keen as ever to keep our welcoming traditions, we give you a selection, perfected over twenty years, of private "châteaux" where you will be warmly welcomed as friends.

Choosing "Château Accueil" to travel through France will be an experience which will let you share our art of living, our culture, our inheritance. It will be a nice way to enjoy the richness of some unknown places out of the usual tourist tours. Any of our members will be glad to advise you for the choice of your itinerary or give you the best local addresses you need.

While you stay at some of our members, the conversations, the different points of view about the culture and different matters, are interesting subjects. The fidelity of our hosts, the relations created during the past years, also cheer us up to receive you as our guests.

To anyone who would choose "Chateau Accueil" We wish a great time while staying in one of our residences.