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Thalacap Languedoc
France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Le Cap D’Agde

In Thalacap Languedoc, you are close to the centre town and from the sea and you benefit at the same time of calms, of a splendid site and all the services of a great tourist resort. The rooms of the Hotel trade are comfortable and soft, they are agreeably furnished, and apartments are luminous, the Residence of tourism 2 stars (**), allows you the choice between adorable studio-cabins with sight on sea or of truths two-piece whose terrace seeing on the port. A traditional or dietetic kitchen, but always tasty, the meals are also of great moments of relaxation at the Restaurant Délos, with its decoration which evokes discreetly the refinement of Greece Antique

Course of seawater therapy

Relax and revitalise.

At the beginning of the course, you will undertake a medical assessment with our Doctor to plan your course of treatments . The choice of therapy is only made at this time.

Each treatment is designed the following way:
20 sessions over 5 days: 15 Thalacap treatments and 5 treatments based on your personal specific requirements.

The Thalacap is:

-Powerful seawater treatment,
-Massages or water massages in baths
-Power showers and affusion Showers
-Seaweed applications and underwater sea water jets

The Thalacap treatment is based on 15 thalasso-therapy sessions to which 5 other treatments are added, depending on your personal needs.

Relax and be pampered

5 treatments have been specially selected to help your stressed and overworked body recover. To help heal your aching joints, muscular and rheumatic pains, lymphatic glands and some breathing conditions.

Depending on your needs, our Doctor will set up a program using a different range of the following treatments:
-Jacuzzi with aromatherapy oils
- Individual aerosols containing sea-air
- Marine balls
- Sea mud, short waves
- Electro-therapy

Chill out and revitalise

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our health farm and being cared for by our highly trained beauty technicians. That way, you can mix the gentleness of our beauty treatments with the beneficial aspects of the sea products.

With our centre's Doctor, you will decide on your program of 5 treatments among the following:
-Body treatments: body exfoliation, modelling of the body, wrapping method for the inferior members of the body, upper body treatments
-Facial treatments: flash facial treatment, relaxing facial modelling, facial lymphatic drainage
.-Diet treatments: skin toning, thermo-draining diet treatment with seaweed.
Thalacap has the pleasure of offering you three UV sunbed sessions as part of your treatment, under our qualified beauticians' control.In harmony with your body

Slim down and take that bit extra off, balance your diet.

- The medical approach to erase any illness.
-The slimming approach to adapt your diet to the best for you and to stick to it with the practical advice given during our workshops and checked during your post-therapy two months later
- The aesthetic approach to drain, tone and firm your body.
- The energetic approach with a dynamic program to regain interest in exercise and clean out your system
.The five complementary treatments are:
- 2 sessions of skin toning
- 1 thermo-active slimming session
- 2 seaweed wrapping session
Thalacap has the pleasure of offering you some diuretic herbal teas to try before your stay

New mothers
It is most beneficial for new mothers to attend between the rd and 8th month after birth.
The intense joy of giving birth can bring a lot of physical and emotional tiredness.
Our new mothers' program is designed for you to regain your fitness, your beauty and your health in the best possible surroundings.

Your treatment:
- 2 facial or body beauty treatments for your skin to regain its natural glow.
- 2 or 3 seaweed wrapping session to firm your kin.
All the treatments last for half a day and alternate during the week: one day it will be in the morning and the following in the afternoon.

All week long courses commence on Sundays. The treatments finish on Fridays and check out is noon on Saturdays.


Repas : 24€
Petit déjeuner : 7€

Ordre de lecture des tarifs d'hébergement :
1er prix indiqué : Basse Saison du 02/02 au 24/05 et du 28/09 au 20/12.
2ème prix indiqué : Moyenne Saison du 25/05 au 21/06 et du 07/09 au 27/09.
3ème prix indiqué : Saison du 22/06 au 05/07 et du du 17/08 au 06/09.
4ème prix indiqué : Haute saison du 06/07 au 16/08.

Arrivée Dimanche - Départ Samedi - Tarifs spéciaux Noël et Jour de l’An (semaine du 21/12 au 03/01/2004).
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 Thalacap Languedoc
Place de la Falaise
34300 Le Cap D’Agde

Spoken languages 
Weekly ClosingAucune
Yearly ClosingOuvert du 02/02/2003 au 20/12/2003
Access :
En train: Gare d'Agde.
En voiture: A9, sortie Agde.
En avion : Aéroport de Montpellier ou Béziers.
Extra information :
Le côté Balnéaire avec tous les atouts d’une grande station touristique.
Toutes les activités marines.
Montpellier, Béziers, Sète...

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