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Our incomming travel agency company and our experienced staff are here, if you choose, to offer you the best luxurious accommodation with garanted pleasure and comfort.

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Our latest additions
Le Domaine de Payou (Aquitaine)
La Bastide des Gros (PACA)
Manoir du Domaine le Roure (PACA)
Gentilhommière du Bois-Adam (Pays-de-loire)
Mas de Foncaudette (PACA)
Blanche Fleur (PACA)
Château de Saint Michel de Lanes (Languedoc-Roussillon)
Château Mouillepied (Poitou-Charente)
Hôtellerie de l'Abbaye-École de Sorèze (Midi-Pyrenees)
Grand Aquarium Saint-Malo (Bretagne)
Mini Châteaux Val de Loire (Centre)
Château du Monard (Rhones-alpes)
Thalacap Languedoc (Languedoc-Roussillon)
Thalacap Camargue (PACA)
Thalacap Catalogne (Languedoc-Roussillon)

Our latest news
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See our discounts in the château du Monard Château de Vaulogé , à la Maison du Moulin découvrez les truffes et au special and advantageous reserved to the French Way of Life customers.

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Chateau Accueil Bienvenue au Chateau

Discover all of our famous museums and art (galleries, workshops, architecture, etc) and hand made regional products. In other words, we invite you to share and enjoy the charming "French Way of Life" with us.

Most people know about France through Paris, the castle of Versailles, le Mont Saint Michel, the remembrance of the D/Day (WW2), French Riviera France is appreciated for its way of life, wines, cooking, cheeses, cultural, inherintance, castles, artistic craftsmen, museums, and various landscapes.

When you surf on "French way of life" you will discover towns through maps and pictures, a lodging in a castle, a manor, a charming hotel and inn or a family dwelling, to find a hiden Bastide or farmhouse, where you can book a room or B&B. You can have the holiday of your dream, with a personal dimension, it all depends on your taste for a wine of Bordeaux, a golf-course, a French garden, a French cooking training. French way of life is the door to its best.

Welcome in France!

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