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France » Paca » Arles
From Paris to Arles: 7h30

Not far from:
» Saint Martin de Crau (25mn)
» Les Baux de Provence (20mn)

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Place of Celtic habitat, colonised by the Greeks, Arles becomes Roman by famous of Cesar who establishes here the veterans of this sixth legion. it is the first golden age of the « small Rome of the Gauls » which will become a great religious centre from the early days of Christianity. Ruined and ravaged by the invasions in the High Middle-Ages, the town revives in the 12th century, the magnificence of its mediaeval monuments is an evidence of the vitality and wealth of that period. In the 17th and 18th centuries, many mansions are built, today they area with dozens of listed monuments, heritage of two millennium ( among them, seven, the most prestigious are listed the World heritage by UNESCO). Arles, with a surface of 77000 Ha ( 17710 acres) is also ( including two third of Great Camargue ) the largest commune ( municipal area ) in France.

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