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France » Ile-de-france » Corbeil
From Paris to Corbeil: 0h25

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Corbeil and Essonnes, which amalgamated in 1951, were distinguished as of the 18th century in the field from the industrial and technical innovation: installation of the spinning mills by Christophe Oberkampf, developed of the paper machine continuously by Louis Robert, creation of the paper mills by Aymé Stanislas Darblay, a printing works per Louis Simon Crété (today Photogravure-Corbeil), invention and development of the material of railroad to narrow gauge railway by Paul Decauville... This vocation remains nowadays with the S.N.E.C.M.A and I.B.M. The visit of the city will make you discover the church Saint-Spire (7 in 15 centuries) and old cloister, the lifting tower of the Large Mills of Corbeil carries it, the market hall...

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