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France » Paca » Cotignac
From Paris to Cotignac: 9h00

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Cotignac is situated in the interior of Var in the center ot Provence at 230m. altitude, This is a city of character. With a waterfall in the background, Cotignac stands at the foot of a majestic great rock. Visitors to the old quarter, set next to the cliff, can see houses of the l6th and 17th centuries, stone or wrought iron decorations and narrow streets, all witnesses to the long and interesting past of Cotignac. There are many fountains, some quite curious looking, that bubble with cool clear water. The "Cours" (court), sheltered from the heat by plane trees and cooled by the overflowing fountain is a lively place full of restaurants, cafés, hotel and shops. The great rock which stretches for about 400m. is quite an amazing sight. The moving sun afters the shadows which in turn are constantly changing the aspect to the sides of the cliff. One can see at different times, giant stalactites, ledges, and deep crags. All of this hovering 80m. above the houses built at the bottom. Take the time to make a detour. You'll fall under the charm of this village like no other. Let visit The great rock, the ramparts, the waterfall, the old quarter with troglodyte dwellings, the outdoor theatre, St. Peter's Church and Notre Dame de Grâce

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