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France » Bretagne » Dol-de-Bretagne
From Paris to Dol-de-Bretagne: 3h30

Where to stay?
» Château de Boucéel
» Château de la Ballue
» Château de la Foltière
» Château des Blosses

What to visit?
» Les jardins du Château de la Ballue

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The cathedral in Dol, a gem of religious architecture, stands on the edge of marshand. It is just one of the reminders of Dol‘s outstanding history.Dol-de-Bretagne became one of Britally‘s first bishoprics in the 6th century. King Nomimoë 1 of Brittany was crowned here in 848 A.D. The mediaeval town has one of Brittany‘s oldest houses, the „Maison des Petits Palets“. It is streeped in memories of the Vikings who invaded the region many long years ago. In addition to its shops and services, Dol-de-Bretagne hase much to offer, included outstanding buildings of historic interest and a busy community life with cultural, sports and leisure events. The „ Cathedraloscope“, the first discovery centre dedicated to cathedrals, makes the town even more attractive to visitors, giving them an enlightened view of 1,000 years of history during the building of the great cathedrals.The Dol-de-Bretagne Area and Mont Saint-Michel Bay, Mont Saint-Michel Bay, now a world heritage site, has the highest tides in Europe, an experience not to be missed. As it ebbs, the sea reveals one of the largest areaas of mussel growing and oyster farming in France, a unique view of thousands upon thousands of stakes. The Duchess Anne Dike, built from the 11th century onwards, stretches over a distance of more than 20 kilometres ( 12 miles). The many natural observation platforms provide an opportunity to admire ever-changing landscapes around the Bay , in an area that is the habitat of countless species of birds.The wooded valleys extend an invitation to sample the gentlyt undulating countryside dotted with hedgerows and ields. There are manor houses and castles, wayside Crosses and standing stones, forests and lakes all along the Dol area tourist trail which brings you back to Dol via Mont-Dol with its windmills and old trees said to have witnessed a terrifying fight between Satan and St.-Michael, the Archangel.

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