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France » Aquitaine » Mont-de-Marsan
From Paris to Mont-de-Marsan: 8h00

Where to stay?
» Hôtel de Pontac

Not far from:
» Cazaubon (40mn)
» Aire-sur-Adour (35mn)
» Barbotan-les-Thermes (40)

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Mont de Marsan was creates in 1790 owes its establishment and its development with its central position in the Moors. The principal buildings of the city were designed by David-François Panay. Remarkable the rotunda of Virgnotte, the Madeleine church built on the foundations of an old Gothic church is of neo-classic style. Mount de Marsan has not sudden of upheaval during the industrial revolution, but thrives thanks to its “old tree”.: the Pine Mont de Marsan knew to preserve a human face. It breathes the joie of living. and sat its reputation by its heat reception. The Landaise race towards by far, the rules have ét altered during the 19 2nd century. The play consists in exciting a cow and avoiding it by dodging and jumps. It is necessary to take part in the animated festivals of the Madeleine, when the music of "bandaged" invaded the streets there the atmosphere of the south is existing to divide..Thanks to is virtually central location in the Landes department, created in 1790. In the first half on the 19 th century, the city acquire most of its major buildings conceived by David-François Panay. Also in the neo-classique style are the rotunda of the Virgnotte and the church of the Madeleine constructed on the site of the old gothic church. Mont de Marsan remained untouched by the industrial revolution, but took advantage of that “tree of gold” the pine. Mont de Marsan continues to conserve its human face. Happiness and a carefree “joie de vivre” can be found in sit the warm welcome . The “course landaise” goes back to ancient times. However, the current form of the sport dates from the 19th century. The game consists of provoking the cow and artfully dodging it by side-steps and jumps. Excitement like that of “Fêtes de la Madeleine”, where the laughter and the shouts blend with music of the “bandas” as they troll the streets.

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