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France » Aquitaine » Roquefort
From Paris to Roquefort: 8h00

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Roquefort: before does not exist the village of Roquefort, the plate broke down in the valley of Soulzon, by creating a chaos of enormous rocks on the impenetrable marl ground of the valley. In the caves thus formed, a noble mould, Peniccillium glaucum roqueforti, developed. At that time, the men did not exploit it. They are the Romans who, of many years after, made the discovery of it. This cheese very known in the world is made with ewe's milk, provided by the half-million ewe of Causses. Today helped by the importation, the annual production is 17 000 tons. Roquefort is also known for its powerful paper mills exploiting the wood of the Landaise pine forests. landaises.

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